Now Hiring Cab Drivers

CAB 54 - Mims/Titusville Florida is now hiring a day/night time driver

CAB 54 is now looking to hire a day time driver in the Mims and Titusville, Florida area. Complete and Submit the form below or Download and Email The PDF. For questions, email: or call us: (321) 220-5454.

    CAB 54 Employment Application

    License Classes:ABCDE

    Have you ever had a license suspended, revoked or otherwise sanctioned?YesNo

    Has your license been reinstated?YesNo

    Have you ever been convicted of a felony or offense involving moral turpitude?YesNo

    AFFIDAVIT: I hereby certify that the responses provided on and attached hereto are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief, and that I may be required to provide additional information. I further certify that I am of good moral character and that I have reviewed and will comply with all pertinent laws of the State of Florida and the county of Brevard. I hereby authorize CAB 54 to administer the driver evaluation and authorize them to release any information, communication, report, record, stamen, recommendation, or disclosure that may have a bearing on my eligibility for the position for which I am applying. I understand by signing this I am authorizing the release of information about me that may otherwise be protected or confidential, and that I may be required to submit additional information in order for my application to be considered. I acknowledge that there are certain risks involved in driving and I hereby assume those risks. In consideration of CAB 54 performing the evaluation of me as a taxi driver, I hereby agree to indemnify and I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless CAB54, its employees, officers or assigns, of any and all damage and injury that may occur to me, to CAB 54 or to any third party as a result of any action that occurs during the driving test.

    I Agree:Yes

    Application For Evaluation Employment Application

    How To Use

    • Click on the link above. The file will open so that you may view it.
    • Click: File >> Save Page As >> Save (to save the file to your computer).
    • Open the file and fill in the form to the best of your ability.
    • Send the file and any requisites to: