How Much Do You Tip A Taxi Driver?

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The age old question, do you tip your taxi driver or not? Tips are never ever expected, however, they are appreciated, but in most cases the answer is yes, you should. We’ll go over a few situations for how to evaluation your trip and decide if, and how much to tip your cab driver.

Tipping your cab driver is basically like tipping any other service worker, it comes down to the quality of the service itself.

What was the quality of your ride?
1) Did your taxi driver know the best route to get you where your destination was? At this point, this should be a simple process with the use of GPS, and most taxi apps have built in GPS to make this a seamless process.
2) Was your driver pleasant to ride with? Like all things, this is subjective, the driver should know how to “gauge the room” and determine if you want to chat the whole time, or sit peacefully while on route to your destination.
3) The driver knows that any extra effort will please most people, so did he/she provide that? These sort of things involve helping to carry bags (grocery/luggage), or open your door to let you in the cab?

If at the end of your trip, consider the following:
None of the above has been met. You can surely chalk it up to a poor service, and can opt to tip 0-5% of the total fare price.
One of the above has been met. You can qualify your experience as mediocre, and can tip any where from 5-10% of the fare.
Two of the above has been met. I’d say this is a pretty solid experience, and for sure 15% of the total fare is a good tip amount.
All three conditions have been met. This is a superb taxi ride, and I’m tipping 20% or more of the total taxi price on every day that ends in Y.

When tipping with a percentage, obviously you’re going to land on random numbers like $10.65 – in these situations, simply round up to the nearest dollar to make things simple. There’s no sense in fumbling around with change, and at the end it’ll make the transaction a smooth process. If you’re paying with credit card, you can go the uneven numbers if you prefer since you’re not actually dealing with physical change.

To Wrap Up
Tipping your taxi driver should be a pleasant experience, because the quality of the service dictates that.

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